Sidelined by Priorities

Once in awhile it's nice to take a step back and relax. When you don't do that for yourself, you body will take over and force it upon you. Trust me, it's true. I'm living that now. Not that I was so busy, stressed or actually felt the need to relax, my body did. Last … Continue reading Sidelined by Priorities


The Color Run – Something to do!

The Color Run is coming to Rochester soon! This has been an annual event around here, running through downtown Rochester, NY.  A few years ago, my daughter, son-in-law and their 5yr old triplets ran this race. We went down with the 2 younger grandsons and waited for them to come past the Orange corner! It … Continue reading The Color Run – Something to do!

Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic, Connecticut. We love this place so much that we've been here several times and plan on returning again very soon! There is so much to do here. Every time that we visit, we find something new to do. This particular trip, we discovered a tour on a 3 masted schooner! This was our first … Continue reading Mystic, Connecticut

Henrietta Memorial Parade

We live in Henrietta, NY, a suburb of Rochester. It's a small town, known for its retail stores and chain restaurants. Everyone comes here to eat and shop! We are also known for our Memorial Day Parade. This is held every year on Sunday, the week before Memorial Day.  It usually lasts about an hour, … Continue reading Henrietta Memorial Parade

Tuesday Travels – Forsyth Park, Savannah, Ga

Savannah, Georgia.  I love this place! We sometimes make the drive from Rochester to Miami to take a cruise. We always, always stop in Savannah for as much time as is allowed on the trip. You will see several Tuesday Travels episodes about Savannah! Have you ever been? It is really stunning and beautiful. There … Continue reading Tuesday Travels – Forsyth Park, Savannah, Ga

Weekend Wandering – Rochester Lilac Festival

The Rochester Lilac Festival kicks off the festival season around here. This is World Famous - people come from all over the world to check out our Highland Park and all the varieties of lilacs! This is a multi-day event that usually lasts about 9 days. There are multiple activities, various music acts, food vendors, … Continue reading Weekend Wandering – Rochester Lilac Festival

Tuesday Travels – Grand Canyon

Tuesday Travels are much like Weekend Wandering - except we go much further from home! Tuesday Travels will be a series on places that we've gone on weekend trips, or sometimes a week or maybe two!  I love both series and they are equally important when trying to fill up your empty nest time! Mark … Continue reading Tuesday Travels – Grand Canyon

Weekend Wandering – Monks’ Abbey

Mark & I often take a wander around our area of Rochester, NY. We love to take a scenic drive and discover new places! Sometimes, you just need to 'get out & about'. We usually do this on the weekends. Some days we will pack or grab a lunch somewhere and find a park nearby. … Continue reading Weekend Wandering – Monks’ Abbey

Tuesday Travels – Cherry Blossoms in DC

In April of 2015, Mark had to go to Virginia for work.  This generally happens a couple of times a year.  The timing was perfect this year to make a detour to DC and see the cherry blossoms in peak bloom! I actually cropped the photo above and had it blown up and printed. We … Continue reading Tuesday Travels – Cherry Blossoms in DC