Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic, Connecticut. We love this place so much that we’ve been here several times and plan on returning again very soon! There is so much to do here. Every time that we visit, we find something new to do. This particular trip, we discovered a tour on a 3 masted schooner! This was our first time on one of these boats – or are they called ships? We loved this!

mystic 2

There were several other couples along with us on this trip. It was a pretty cloudy day – less chance of sunburn! That’s me in the right corner, I almost got all the way in the picture! The crew worked hard with putting up the sails, then taking them down. We were allowed to help if we wanted to. Not one person wanted to try it out! We were an older crowd, maybe that’s why?

mystic 4

We went past the S & P Oyster Company, where we had dinner that night. The absolute best Lobster Bisque I have ever had. Well, it was the first time I had ever tried it and nothing has been able to compare to it since! Visit their website here – S&P Oyster Company

mystic 3

Right past the S & P Oyster Company is the drawbridge. That had to be raised for us to go under it! How fun! The official name of the bridge is Bascule Bridge, and it is on the Mystic River.

mystic 5

We went on past the harbor, with all the sailboats. Lots and lots of sailboats! We really enjoyed this ride and suggest you should try it! This was on our way out to the Long Island Sound for the rest of our ride!

One of my favorite websites for exploring Mystic is This is Mystic.

Want to investigate other boating tours? Okay, then here you go! Boating tours in Mystic.

mystic 1

Thanks for reading!!

~~~~~~ Pamela ~~~~~~


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