Tuesday Travels – Forsyth Park, Savannah, Ga

Savannah, Georgia.  I love this place! We sometimes make the drive from Rochester to Miami to take a cruise. We always, always stop in Savannah for as much time as is allowed on the trip. You will see several Tuesday Travels episodes about Savannah! Have you ever been? It is really stunning and beautiful.

There are several travel books on Amazon to pick from, depending on how long you will be there and what you want to do while there.  Savannah Travel Books

We decided this trip to go to Forsyth Park and see the fountain. We did it! Unfortunately, it was dark by the time we got there. It kind of looked a little spooky, with all the Spanish moss hanging.

4 savannah

It was not very crowded when we were there. They had some great chalk art on the sidewalks throughout the park.

3 savannah

To give you some perspective on the size of these very large drawings.

2 savannah

You can see that the sidewalk squares are about 6 across the walkway. Oh yeah, and there is Mark in the corner of this shot – looking very happy to get caught in the photo! I apologize for the quality of these photos – I have some difficulty with night shots.

5 savannah

I think this one came out pretty good, though!  For St. Patrick’s Day, they turn the water green – it’s really fun to see!

So many things to talk about with Savannah, but I will end with this for now. Don’t worry – we’ll be visiting again and again!

6 savannah

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