Weekend Wandering – Rochester Lilac Festival

The Rochester Lilac Festival kicks off the festival season around here. This is World Famous – people come from all over the world to check out our Highland Park and all the varieties of lilacs! This is a multi-day event that usually lasts about 9 days. There are multiple activities, various music acts, food vendors, craft vendors, races, and of course the lilacs!

2 lilac fest

This visit of ours was mid-week, early afternoon. The festival was relatively quiet and no massive crowds. It is a different story in the evenings and on the weekends that the festival runs. There can be a LOT of people here because it’s so popular!  We wandered around a bit, took some photos of various flowers and had a festival lunch of Italian Sausage sandwiches and shared a funnel cake. Funnel cake makes the festival, don’t you think? LOL  We found a table and enjoyed our lunch while listening to a school jazz band on the stage.

3 lilac fest

There are many different types of vendors here. I recommend walking around and checking out all the tents set up! These were mostly food tents set up around the stage.

4 lilac fest

For more official information for the Lilac Festival this year –  2017 Lilac Festival 

This will give you a line up of everything that is happening around the park – including directions on how to get there, where to park, etc. This is a local festival not to be missed! Plan on spending a few hours here, as there is so much to experience! Enjoy!

5 lilac fest




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