Tuesday Travels – Grand Canyon

Tuesday Travels are much like Weekend Wandering – except we go much further from home! Tuesday Travels will be a series on places that we’ve gone on weekend trips, or sometimes a week or maybe two!  I love both series and they are equally important when trying to fill up your empty nest time!

Mark & I love to travel – have I mentioned that before? Well, since both of us were single parents for many years, traveling a lot, or without kids, was practically unheard of! We were both in agreement that travel was at the top of our “to do when the kids are gone” list!

I think my favorite trip – so far – was to Las Vegas. We stayed about a week, but we did so many nearby things it felt like we were there for a month! It was the first time there for both of us, so we had so many things that we ‘had’ to do!

This was the most exciting! Seeing the Grand Canyon from a small plane! YES – it was exactly THAT thrilling!!

GC 2

There’s Mark with the little video cam. I was on the opposite side of the plane with the camera. Yep, this plane was only 2 seats wide!  This was awesome, as we both got to capture different scenes!

GC 3

We got to see a whole lot more than going to the actual park! And the plane flew very low at times!

GC 4

The views were incredible! Absolutely amazing the vastness of this place! It was HUGE!

GC 6

Before heading back to land, we flew over Lake Mead & Hoover Dam. We actually went there to visit & tour on another day. Stay tuned to see that on another episode of Tuesday Travels!

If you go to the Grand Canyon, I highly recommend taking a small plane tour. You will not regret it!



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