Weekend Wandering – Monks’ Abbey

Mark & I often take a wander around our area of Rochester, NY. We love to take a scenic drive and discover new places! Sometimes, you just need to ‘get out & about’. We usually do this on the weekends. Some days we will pack or grab a lunch somewhere and find a park nearby. We’ll bring along our kindles or magazines and read after lunch. Obviously, weather permitting!

We have been known to take drives in the winter and in the pouring rain.  One of the main reasons I love to do this is to get some new photos!

This particular day we drove to the Monks’ Abbey to visit their bakery shop. The bread is all made on site, by the Monks. Yes, we can buy the bread in our local grocery – but that’s not nearly as adventurous!

One of the things you notice right away is how very peaceful it is here.

abbey 1

You just get a sense of calm and quietness. It was quite cloudy this day.

abbey 3

But the sun did make an appearance!

We got there just in time, as the store was just about to close. We had enough time to make our purchase and use the facilities. Yes, they have a restroom for public use. Next time we’ll have to get there earlier so we can do some more wandering around! It was a great place to visit – and definitely worth the trip!

This is the bread we bought – and they have jams and other items in the shop as well!

abbey 4



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