Tuesday Travels – Cherry Blossoms in DC

In April of 2015, Mark had to go to Virginia for work.  This generally happens a couple of times a year.  The timing was perfect this year to make a detour to DC and see the cherry blossoms in peak bloom!

I actually cropped the photo above and had it blown up and printed. We now have this hanging in our living room.  I just love this photo!  It almost looks 3D.

We knew it would be crowded, but didn’t realize it would be THAT crowded! Oh, the cars and the people were everywhere!  Parking spots were non-existent. So, we just took a few hours and leisurely drove around..and around..and around.  I got quite a few good shots just from the car window!



We then drove over to spend the night in Arlington, VA. The next morning, we got this photo, before going on our way.


If you are in the area for cherry blossom time, I highly recommend going!  Don’t let the fact that it will be super crowded stop you. You will still get to have the experience.

Remember, it’s the journey that is important, not only the destination!



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