April’s baby giraffe

I first heard about this April the giraffe going to give birth – in February! It peaked my interest and gave a peek every day. Well, the wait is finally over!

April waited until April 15th to have her stumbling baby boy! YAY! I was so glad that I got to witness the birth. The baby giraffe is so cute! Stumbling around and finding his way – with help from his mama, of course!

So, now what am I going to do with those 10 minutes, a couple times a day, that I used to ‘check in to see if the baby was here’? I’ve no doubt I’ll find something!

Also, today is:


My son was/is very interested in all things Titanic. Did you hear that they are offering tours of the actual ship? I heard the price is over $100,000 – the equivalent of passage price for today! WOW! Oh yeah, in case you wanted to go – they’re sold out.


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