Our Empty Nest

We have had an empty nest for 11 years.  My youngest daughter moved out when she got married, after finishing college.  Hard to believe that was 11 years ago! Time sure does fly, whether you think you’re having fun, or not! Are we experts at it?  Nope, not yet! But we will keep trying!

Before we got married, Mark & I each spent most of our parenting years as single parents. We were always busy. With kid stuff. With kids activities.  Driving kids. Waiting for kids to return from activities. Spending time with kids. Spending ALL our time with kids.  Someday, that will end, and you’ll have to find something else to do! Trust me, it happens really quickly.  Oh, it won’t seem like it on a day to day basis, but one day you’ll realize that time is NOW!

I spent a lot of time dreaming about what I would do if only I had more time available!  Now I wonder what all those things were!  My best advice to you is to write those dreams down! Put them in a journal and keep it for when you DO have extra time! Once that time suddenly appears, you will wonder what to do. Make a plan. Even if that plan changes a hundred times, it’s better than no plan at all!

I still have days when I feel restless like there was something I was supposed to be doing. But those days are few and far between now.  We are finally settling into this chapter of our lives. We enjoy traveling when we can. Even if it’s just a day trip, the freedom to just get up and go is amazing! Well, once you get over the unexpected guilt feelings, that is!


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7 thoughts on “Our Empty Nest

  1. My parents ROCK the empty nest thing. LOL. They have a huge social life, go out to see local bands, wine tastings, breweries, kayaking and fishing. The take day trips hiking (They live in the Seattle area) …seriously….I’m so jealous! lol I love this idea of a empty nest journal. It may seem so far away but I know time sneaks up on us.


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