Ready for Spring!

Springtime is my favorite time of year. Well, except for fall, because I love the colors! Spring is a time of new growth, rebirth, starting something new or re-starting something old.

While I complain about the weather, I do know if I lived someplace where it was always the same – I would definitely miss the changing of the seasons!

Take March for example. The first week of March, we had a windstorm that knocked out power to 100s in our area. We were lucky with this storm and had no outages or damage.

The second week of March we had a MUCH larger windstorm that knocked out power, internet, cable and phones to 1000s! We were included in that 2nd windstorm. We lost power, but only for 13 hours – some were without 8 days! We also lost the internet for 3 days. I lost a day that I was supposed to work. It’s amazing how much you take something for granted – until it’s gone.

The third week of March brought us a 3-day snow event, with accumulations of almost 27 inches! This really made getting the power back on a struggle for the workers attempting to do their best!

This fourth week of March, we have been having a LOT of rain. This means that at least it is warmer! The days are gray and dreary, motivation is at a low. I’m hoping this is just the restful period after the events earlier this month. Hopefully, the last week of March will bring some dryness, warmth, and sunshine to move into April!

Okay, April – bring it on, I’m ready!! (and Ms. Giraffe – we’re really getting impatient!)


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