Valentine’s Day

That glorious holiday celebrating love – that everyone waits all year for! Children making Valentine cards for classmates and anxiously awaiting the party day at school. Teens & Tweens trying to act so aloof, while secretly hoping that they get some secret admirer to surprise them. Young couples nervously preparing something special for their sweetie. Hearts, flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners all being carefully planned in advance. Last minute shoppers will stop at the grocery or mini-mart on their way home and grab something that will look thoughtful.

There are also those who are single on this day. To them, it seems like everyone they know is celebrating this wonderful day of love. Some have dubbed this day ‘Galentine’s Day’ – to celebrate with other singles, so they don’t feel left out. What a fun idea!

Now we come to the older, married couples. Like my husband and I. Do we celebrate?  Of course, we do. My husband will get me the mandatory small box of my favorite chocolates. We will sit down to a delicious meal that he’s been looking forward to all day. It will be stress-free. It will be perfect for both of us.

I saw a meme online the other day. The picture showed a card rack at a store. The caption was something along the lines of “We picked out our cards, gave them to each other and then placed them back in the rack.” Funny thing is, my husband and I have actually done this – more than once!

Romance is what you make it. It should be celebrated daily in small ways, not saved up for one special day a year. Do something nice and unexpected on some random Thursday for your sweetie, child, friend, family member. It will be so much more appreciated! Trust me on this.


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