Persistence. This is my word of the year for 2017. I have committed, to myself, to be persistent in everything I do. Mainly, in my direct sales business. Housework? That needs a little more help!

I am doing well so far this year. I spend at least part of everyday working on things for my business. It may be making graphics, taking some new training courses, venturing into new social media channels, learning everything I can to be successful. This is not a get rich quick route, by any means. It takes time. I must be persistent in order to succeed.

I make daily lists. I must cross off half of those items.Okay, full disclosure here – I always put go shower, pamper me, get dressed, make the bed, clean up the kitchen on my list every day. LOL Already, I feel like I’m accomplishing SOMETHING! Sometimes that is all it takes to get the motivation going. I love to challenge myself to see how much I can get crossed off that list every day!

Some people use planners. I do not. I have a notebook, a calendar and a notepad.  I have many pens nearby. I realize I’m old-fashioned that way, but it works for me! I put things on my list like “make 10 product graphics”, instead of a month worth of daily graphics. It breaks it down into manageable pieces.

My list making works for me to help me to be persistent. What do you do?


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