Today, I work.

Yes, I must work today. While I am busy every day, working on things that will generate is guaranteed income. While I like that part, I must say I’m not looking forward to it. What I DO look forward to is the day when I can make more than enough money on my own.

I’m just whining, this job is NOT bad at all. I really should not complain. Probably has something to do with only consuming half a cup of coffee so far! It is really a good job and it pays well. Also, I don’t have to do it every day. It’s not customer service, working on the phones all day. Boy, did I hate that!

This job breaks up the week and clears my mind. When I go back to working my business, I’ll have fresh ideas to play with. Everyone needs a break from the normal, right? Even if my break is actual work – instead of the other way around! I guess I don’t have it that bad after all!

Oh, what is it that I do for this job? I grade high school student’s essays. It IS interesting..well, the first 50 or so.  ha ha ha. Amazing skills some of these students have. Others – not so much.

So Welcome February and let’s get at it! Okay, right after one more cup of coffee!


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