Yep, it’s Monday! Are you excited to start a new week – or dreading it? I’m a bit excited! I have a whole new ‘to-do list’ for the week and ready to get at it!

So, most of you know by now that I’m an Independent Consultant for Perfectly Posh – Pampering Products. This week starts the catalog change over. We ‘officially’ launch the new Spring/Summer catalog on Feb 3rd..but I like to say it’s for Feb 4th. LOL Yeah, I’m just that way.

With new products arriving for me to try & test (and sample out to YOU) I need to de-stash some of my old catalog products to make some room here. Great news! This means I’m selling them at a fantastic discount! I also have some exclusive cannot buy these products, too.  Wanna take a peek? Head over to my group on Facebook here –>

I’m getting really excited for the new month and the new catalog! I can’t wait to see what new products will be introduced! The suspense! Posh has a big ‘unveiling’ on Friday evening of the new products..we are kept in the dark until then. SO, that means this week I’m getting a lot of graphic blanks ready to just pop in a new product image. I’m also getting a lot of February posts set up and ready to go this week. Plus, I am on schedule to do actual work (yeah, Posh isn’t work it’s fun!) 2 days this week.

Be on the lookout next week, when I’ll share the link for requesting samples from the new catalog! Isn’t it exciting?!? YES..yes is it! Seriously, I can’t wait to see and try and smell all the new pampering products coming my way!


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