OH, It’s Saturday?

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the days. I often find myself scrolling over the date on my computer to remind myself! Do you do that?

Well, I should know it’s Saturday because my husband is home. He’s in his computer room – right next door. I still start my day in the same way, except I may have an extra cup of coffee before heading to the shower.

When I used to work outside the home – for 40+ hours a week – Saturday was special. It’s not as special as it was before. It’s still a little different, because hubby is home, but not as ‘exciting’, I guess. I used to do the housekeeping, laundry, etc on Saturday mornings. Then we would do the grocery and errands. Often we’d go out to eat – we are more ‘lunch than dinner out’ type of people. Sundays we normally do something out of the house for part of the day – even if only a drive to take pictures. I did all the housework stuff yesterday. And I made a cake, too! Now, my Saturday is wide open!

I think I need to get back into the Saturday morning routine of doing the housework. Perhaps that will make the weekend seem more like a weekend. When you spend the majority of your time on the computer, even on the weekend, the days blur together. I think I need to change that and take the weekends off ‘electronically’. Well, I being in direct sales, that is difficult to be completely offline on the weekends.

In an effort to do just that, I plan on getting to work on my graphics & posts for the first week or so in February. Then I can either schedule the weekend posts or just jump on for a few minutes to post them. I really like to post myself as I feel like the auto posting makes it less personal. Is it just me? I see posts that were scheduled and I think “Gee, they didn’t even care enough to be around when things are being posted to their account!”  Am I the only one who feels that way?

What tips do you use (stay at home people) to make the weekend more special? Or, is it just like any other day?

Enjoy your Saturday!


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