First Blog Post

Good Morning! I’ve got my coffee here – yep, in my Purple Mug! This morning I’m drinking it black, flavored with Tiramisu (just a hint). It is very good. What’s in your mug today?

Just the title is a little scary. What am I going to say? Who’s going to read this and be interested to read more? How am I going to grab your attention and make you want to come back again? Oh..the pressure!!

“They” say to start something new on a day that’s significant. Well, this is just a wintery Wednesday on January 25, 2017. The kind of day that makes me very happy to be working from home. No clearing the snow off the car, no warming it up, no bundling up for the weather. No..just the quietness of my house, (well, except for the neighbor’s dogs barking out back) my coffee and you, my reader.

Today will be significant because I’ve written and posted my first blog post. Also, I’m going to try a new Beef Stew recipe in the crock pot. It’s the perfect day for a nice bowl of stew and some crusty bread when my husband gets home from work. It will smell wonderful in the house all day, too!

Well, my cup is empty. I guess it’s time to get my day started. When working from home, it is important (to me anyway) to have a routine. I feel like I get more accomplished that way. At least to routinely begin the day. Do you agree?

Thanks for reading! Make it a great day!




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